Vincent Van Gogh  Netherlands 1853-1890

Vincent Van Gogh / video

Atelier des Lumières Paris, France

There is so much to be learned from studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh, so he was the artist we chose to revisit for our final project of the year. It was amazing to see the difference in the paintings from last year and the great pieces done this year. Most people are familiar with the myths surrounding Van Gogh, but the person behind the myths has rarely been acknowledged. He was a very sensitive, gifted and highly intelligent person. Vincent left school at 15 and to begin a trade, and by then he was very well read and spoke 4-5 languages. He had a near photographic memory for details that comes across in all of his drawings and paintings. He was greatly influenced by the landscapes and people of his native Netherlands and also lived in London and Paris before settling in the South of France. In each location, he visited galleries and museums and studied the artists and styles which culminated in his distinctive brush strokes and colors. He was very prolific and recorded everything around him in letters, journals, drawings, and paintings. He is often viewed as a tragic figure, but the real tragedy was his never knowing the future value and acceptance of his work. His brother Theo, who was an art dealer and wife Joanna, are credited as keeping his memory alive. In his lifetime he only sold one painting and much of his work went missing or was destroyed. Even his mother reportedly threw out crates of paintings because they were unusual for the time and deemed to have little value. Today his surviving works remain some of the most valued in art history.

--------------------------- I included the video of an amazing interactive Van Gogh exhibition that is currently on in Paris. If you like and appreciate his work you will love this experience that takes his art to another level. I recommend watching it on You Tube, on a larger screen for the maximum experience.

To kick off summer , this week we were inspired by Van Gogh's brilliant Sunflower paintings.

Have a great Summer!


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