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We left the hall into the corridor with office space. At the end of the corridor behind a dark door was an office. An ordinary room of medium size, but with a high ceiling. On the ceiling there is a multi-pood stucco molding from Stalin's times in all its splendor. A terrible thing

Two leather sofas, two tables, two office chairs with wooden armrests. Coffee table next to the sofa. On it is a vase of fruit, an ashtray.

- I ask you to. The tired owner gestured towards the sofa. I sat down and he sat next to me.

— Do you smoke? - Popov put a pack of "Parliament" on the table, lit a cigarette.

I had to do the same, although I did not really want to smoke.

- Tatyana, our conversation is absolutely confidential. The circumstances are such that I need an outsider with a reputation like yours.


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