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It is very hard to generalize about Africa. It is a vast continent with so many diverse cultures with rich artistic traditions . For more than a millennium artistic styles have had their origins there and many contemporary artists were influenced by the designs and sculptures from Africa.

African art includes ancient art, Muslim art of North and West Africa, the Christian art of East Africa, and many forms of ritualistic art of other regions. Masks and human figures are very important in the art of most regions. I selected a variety of textiles, masks, sculptures and artifacts to look at and we discussed the similarity between those and the designs that we saw earlier in the term, in Native American and Australian Aboriginal art.

In researching this post, I came across something interesting. It is an African Art Gallery in the Pearl District owned by the infamous Dave of “Dave’s Killer Bread” fame. (who knew he was an art aficionado !)

Anyway , the most interesting part is the link below to a 3-D tour of his amazing collection.