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Summer Still Life

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate fruit and it's role in art history. This week the lesson focused on composition.

We began by arranging pear and circle shapes and doing studies. For inspiration, we looked at a still life by Cezanne; the master of painting fruit with beautiful textures and colors. Even though the class started with the same materials it's interesting to see the individual interpretations. For this lesson the under drawing was done with markers and then painted with Kwik Stiks. Additional textures were added with oil pastels.


 Week One: Cave Paintings

It has been an eventful week in our Art Literacy class. We have been all around the world.  I would like to thank all of my wonderful students for their great efforts. We began with the story of the discovery of the discovery of cave paintings in Lascaux,  France  and also looked at images from  Spain , where the oldest known cave paintings have been found,  in the cave called El Castillo. The prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils are now the world's oldest known cave art that dates more than 40,800 years old.

© Serene Greene- Art Literacy Academy
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