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This class is about learning through fun. In addition to creating art, the children will also go on adventures around the world as they learn about the art, the country , the time period and the customs. It is  scaled down and age appropriate.

We will concentrate on the traditions, techniques and environments of the time period.


We do not follow an exact timeline but instead we  begin with  ancient cultures and  see examples of how their art and designs are reflected in contemporary art. 

 We look at how Art ,Science and the Humanities are closely intertwined.  Art develops skills in  observation , experimentation, research and problem solving . When we do our hands on art projects, it is not about copying the art style of the artist we are studying, but instead about being inspired and  understanding the medium used to create the art.

I encourage free thinking and individual creativity. 

I have been in the arts most of my life and a practising artist, but this class is by far the most rewarding experience. We  began our third year  this month, and I now have several siblings of some of my original students. Thank you to Sean Day for his support and classroom, and the parents and staff at Abernethy.

Serene Greene