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Triangles in Art History

This week we continued looking at examples of geometric shapes in art and architecture. On Monday the class did drawings inspired by Colombian artist, Omar Rayo, and Alexander Calder,who both used triangles in their paintings and prints. We looked at the Renaissance painters including Leonardo, that used the 'golden ratio" to lay out their work and then we went onto the best example; the Pyramids. The children had fun building their own pyramids and environments. We explored the way they were constructed and looked at images inside the Tomb of Luxor. It was very Indiana Jones. We discussed the role of Archaeologists, and the language of Hieroglyphics. The class then wrote their names using an Egyptian alphabet .

Exploring the Pyramids was timed to coincide with the OMSI King Tut exhibit that just began. It is a great opportunity to see inner active exhibits and replicas of artifacts found in the tombs. There are also numerous videos on You tube of tours of the Pyramids including some by BBC and National Geographic .