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Pen & Ink Studies

Pen and Ink is one of most classic and timeless mediums. We looked at several examples of classic artist's travel journals and sketches, including Van Gogh , Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt and examples of Japanese pen and ink drawings.

For this lesson we did mixed media studies based on botanical shapes using pen ,ink ,and watercolor pencils. There's nothing more valuable in all forms of Art and Design than the ability to draw. Add to the mix, drawing with pens rather than with pencil, and it can be very daunting for anyone but it is also such great practice that develops skill and confidence. The class experimented with a variety of techniques including continuous line drawing ,shading and textures. Using these media, the key is restraint and refraining from over painting. They were so good at taking it slow and step by step to insure that did not happen. I really loved the outcome.

 Week One: Cave Paintings

It has been an eventful week in our Art Literacy class. We have been all around the world.  I would like to thank all of my wonderful students for their great efforts. We began with the story of the discovery of the discovery of cave paintings in Lascaux,  France  and also looked at images from  Spain , where the oldest known cave paintings have been found,  in the cave called El Castillo. The prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils are now the world's oldest known cave art that dates more than 40,800 years old.

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