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Henri Moret

Henri Moret
1856-1913 France

Henri Moret was a French painter who was a part of the Post-Impressionist movement. He was born in Cherbourg, France in 1856. Moret developed a love for art at a young age and went on to study under renowned artists such as Ernest Hébert and Jean-Léon Gérôme. Moret was heavily influenced by the work of Monet and Sisley and was part of the Pont-Aven School along with Gauguin, Van Gogh, and a group of artists who congregated in Brittany in the late 19th century.

His use of bright colors and loose brushstrokes helped to create a sense of movement and atmosphere in his paintings. He was known for his stunning landscapes, which often depicted the beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines where he resided. Moret's use of color and light created scenes that were both vibrant and dreamlike. particularly those of the Brittany coast, where he spent much of his time painting "En Plein Air". His unique style and ability to capture the essence of the natural world continues to inspire artists today.


To create the look of a multi layered painting with the signature strokes of an Impressionist style oil painting, we used oil pastels and Kwik Sticks. The first stage was to do a quick sketch and then lay in the first layer of color. The underpainting was done with the paint sticks and then several layers of textures were added with oil pastel crayons. The final step was to add highlights and the reflections. A lot to ask of them in two hours and at such a young age, but I am always amazed by their great effort and the results.