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Summer Bounty

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Summer's Bounty

Summer classes are always nature based. The influence of nature in art and design is immeasurable. This week we focused on Summer's bounty of beautiful fruits and all of their shapes and colors. Fruits are featured throughout art history and are beloved subjects for numerous artists. We looked at several styles of art and illustrations of fruit before the students did studies of fruit shapes and translated them into colorful paintings and drawings using acrylics or oil pastels.

OMSI Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition

We talk a lot about the importance of observation in art, so I recently gave them a nature scavenger hunt printout to take home. Studying the shapes of leaves and flowers ties into all forms of art and design. One of the greatest observers of nature was Leonardo Da Vinci. OMSI currently has an exhibition of some of his drawings and flying machines, based on birds in flight. A rare opportunity to see his work. I hope that you have a chance to see it before Sept.5th.




 Week One: Cave Paintings

It has been an eventful week in our Art Literacy class. We have been all around the world.  I would like to thank all of my wonderful students for their great efforts. We began with the story of the discovery of the discovery of cave paintings in Lascaux,  France  and also looked at images from  Spain , where the oldest known cave paintings have been found,  in the cave called El Castillo. The prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils are now the world's oldest known cave art that dates more than 40,800 years old.

© Serene Greene- Art Literacy Academy
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