Jose Merello Spain 1960-

While waiting for the full burst of Spring, I thought it would be nice to have some color this week, so I chose the work of contemporary Spanish artist Jose Merello for our lesson. Inspired by his lively paintings, the class did some of their best work this year. Born in Madrid, Merello now works and lives in Valencia Spain with his family. He came from a modest background and became an artist by teaching himself to paint and draw. His classroom was the Prado and other area museums where he frequently visited to study the works of Spanish and Italian artists. Merello is a good example of artists that create a path outside of the usual systems. He evolved a personal style that joins artistic schools and is a lyrical marriage of color and line. From the outset of his career, his work was in a place of childlike spontaneity that academically trained artists work to return to, often unsuccessfully. His paintings retain classical themes of figures, interiors, and landscapes, in his distinctive style with the zest of Mediterranean and Spanish influences. In a very deft way, he fuses his inspirations; Picasso, Matisse, Miró and other European painters in his work. With his vivid use of color, patterns, and forms, he captures the flair of Spanish culture without relying on cultural cliches, and transforms a seemingly random array of marks, colors, and patterns into familiar but unique compositions. He is incredibly prolific and well exhibited in galleries and Art Fairs internationally.

"Painting is the dance of the brush, the theater of an event, the architecture of the composition, the music of the color, the literature of the shape's mystery, and the sculpture of trapped time “

...Jose Merello